Music Blog

On Tuesday 9th October, Year 6 went on a trip to the Theatre Royal where they watched “The Primary Proms”. There was a wide variety of music performed by local schools and the Music Hub, from a choir, ukulele ensemble (with bucket drumming!) string orchestra and wind band. We even had some familiar faces performing on stage; Georgia Pasteur, Max Sweighart, Tommy Cahir, Thomas Lucchini and Esther Lucchini. We were very proud to watch them and had to desperately hold back from cheering them when they came on stage!

Here are some comments from year 6 about the Primary proms:

“I liked the end when the people were playing the instruments so dramatically, it blew my mind” (Ruxi)

“I liked the percussion instruments because they were all in time and sounded good” (Luis)

“I was surprised there were lots of younger children performing” (Haris)

“I liked how everyone was enthusiastic about it and got the audience to join in. I’m in one of the lower bands and it was very inspiring for me” (Catriona)

“I enjoyed doing the body percussion along to the song” (Danah)

“I enjoyed playing in it because it was a different experience” (Thomas Lucchini)