Reception highlights

Ice Worlds We started the new term finding an egg had been laid in our classroom! It was exciting to wonder what it may be and to write and draw our ideas. A penguin hatched and left us a book so we learnt lots about penguins and measured the different penguins we found out about. This led us to explore icy worlds more and look closely at ice melting and make our own ice sculptures. We learnt about some explorers and the qualities they have been brave and determined. One explorer called Gladys Aylward went to China and we learnt about the New Year festival celebrated their. We finished the term becoming explorers ourselves, making binoculars and going on an imaginary expedition to the North Pole!

Light and Dark We started our light and dark topic with a walk around the woods. We found out about some nocturnal animals and took the beautiful lanterns we had made. We have explored light and dark with shadow puppets and light boxes and black out dens, we have also found out about fireworks night and the Diwali festival. A highlight of our topic was having an owl visit our classroom! We finished our topic finding out about the the nativity story and putting on our own performance.

We have been exploring our new classroom, getting to know each other and finding out a bit more about where we live too!