Seekers Forest School

Forest School is an opportunity to boost self-esteem through hands-on outdoor learning experiences, to stimulate curiosity about nature and empower children to gain knowledge about themselves and the world around them.

Each reception child will have the opportunity to take part in Forest School once a week for ten weeks. Each term a new group of children will take part.

We will explore the creatures and plants of our woodland and through games and creative activities, we will come to understand them better and build our own relationship with the woods. We will take part in lots of different types of activities: most of these will involve working with each other, using tools and natural materials, like clay, sticks, leaves, rope and string. 

Each term will be a bit different depending on what is around us in the woods, The weather and each child’s interests.

This year this included: a close encounter with a baby robin or a toad’s surprise visit.  Or the magic of watching wind making the autumn leaves fall like rain. A group children transformed into galloping Pinecone unicorns.

We will run Forest School on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. We will have 10 children in each group. We will work with these children for 10 weeks over the term. You will be contacted personally when your child is joining forest school.

Below are some quotes from children and their families.

“I enjoyed playing hide and seek with the birds. Making a shelter, using a rope bridge and using the hammer.”

He told me about what he had built or made, clay, rope bridges, swings, it is a great outdoor experience, learning about nature and how to care for it. “

“ He gained loads, -gaining in confidence, knowledge and just being given the opportunity to learn outside.”

“She loved forest school and always shared with us everything she had done, she loved mini beasts. I think it is a brilliant way to learn, she found it very interesting.”

“ He enjoyed talking to us all about what he had done at forest school and how he was looking forward to the next session, so much so that his older brother was often jealous that he never gets to go?”

I am looking forward to our adventures together in the woods. See you soon