Whole School Events

International Week

We recently gave the children an opportunity to be curious about the world around us and gain an understanding of how other people live during International Week. We also were able to celebrate the diversity of the children in our school.

Each year group chose a different country to explore and the children took part in lots of exciting activities to learn about it and its culture.

Languages in KS2
Year 5 performing the Haka
Year 4 counting in Arabic


Year 4 welcomed in Andy Jones from Raise to learn about the Easter Story using, “Easter in a Box – the movie”. Iwas a brilliant Covid Friendly way for the children to think about the Easter story from a movie unfolding point of view and looking at the different characters. 

The resource invited them to imagine they are on a movie set watching the filming of ‘Easter – The Movie‘  – they looked at a cast list, handled the props, heard and imagined the scene being filmed, discussed the emotions they felt and wondered and reflected on what they have learnt and could apply to their own lives, whatever their world view. 

They got to take away some nice things to remember a wonderfully, creative learning experience.  





Charity Collection

The whole school collected a number of much needed items to support ANON charity’s appeal for the homeless in Norwich. All the donated goods helped were used to make up special presents for those attending ANON’s Christmas dinner on December 13th. The newspaper article below provides more details.


Children in Need

All the children enjoyed coming to school in non-school uniform on Friday 13th November in order to raise money for such a good cause. During the week the children learned about the Five to Thrive campaign which centred around well-being to help everyone at school feel healthier and happier. Some of the classes also joined in with Joe Wicks’ 24 hour sponsored fitness challenge.