Year 1

Today, Friday 14th February, was the last day of our Space topic. We began by making our own rockets which we made from a cone shaped piece of decorated card. We then tested how far we could launch then by putting them on the top of a bottle and squeezing the bottles to shoot the rockets up. It was great fun! We tried to work out whether the bigger bottles made the rockets go higher.

We went on to design a suit for an astronaut to wear if they travelled into space. We thought about all of the things they may need and which colours would be best. We have attached some photographs of us making the rockets, testing them and our space suits.

Year 1 have started the new year by learning all about SPACE. In our science lessons we worked out the best materials to use to make a soft toy and used them to design and make our own brilliant sock toys. We have been retelling stories about space, including Whatever Next? By Jill Murphy and How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. We have also been doing some non-fiction writing to show all that we know about the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong.

We have started the new half term with Science Week! We have been doing lots of interesting investigations and experiments. We started the week by thinking about the question ‘Do people with bigger feet grow taller?’ In order to answer this question we measured our height and made casts of our feet!

We watched what happened when you put water onto a circle of skittles – the results were amazing! We used string telephones to help us to think about sound and how it travels. To end the week, we had a challenge to make to tallest tower out of paper. Then we had to measure it and record our answers in a results table just like real scientists.

Year 1 have had our first school trip of the year. On Wednesday 25th September we visited the Dinosaur Park. Even though it was a rainy day, we had a wonderful time. We spotted lots of different dinosaurs on the woodland walk and had a lovely time playing with our friends!

The Owls and the Puffins have made a brilliant start in Year 1. We have started out first topic of the year – Roar! – and have been learning all about dinosaurs. Did you know that 37 children’s footprints could fit into the same space as one T-Rex footprint? We are also starting to get excited about our first school trip of the year – a visit to The Dinosaur Park.