Year 1 highlights

Summer Term 2021

All three year 1 classes have spent a wonderful day at the beach during our trips to Southwold. It was a very exciting time for the children – many of them had never been on a coach before, so even the journey was a new experience!

We looked at the geographical features of Southwold – we had been studying them as part of our geography work – and there was plenty of time to enjoy the beach. It really was lovely to watch all of the collaborative sandcastle building and hole digging! Finally we ended up the visit with lunch and an ice cream at Gun Hill.

We are delighted that those children who missed their turn to take part in Forest Schools during their Reception Year, due to the Coronavirus, are finally getting their opportunity to explore the woods.

The children have had their eyes opened to all the possibilities for fun and learning that the woods have to offer.  Thanks go to Sorrell Muggridge for leading these fabulous sessions.

As part of our Artists topic, we have been learning all about the life and paintings of L.S. Lowry. We made information pages all about him and have been creating our own artwork in his style.

Autumn Term 2020

Year 1’s learning this half term is all about Dinosaurs.
We have been finding out about dinosaurs in non-fiction books, we have labelled pictures, written captions to give more information and created our own lists for a very important task!

A duck billed dinosaur had been spotted at school delivering a letter to the children to ask for help. The dinosaur had lost its eggs and we needed to help the dinosaur find them. Before we could go on our adventure, we needed to think of all the equipment we would need so we wrote a list to help us remember!

Here are some pictures of us on our dinosaur egg hunt!