Year 2 highlights

Autumn 1 – China

Our first topic of the year was China.

We had a China Day in school where we had a visit from a story teller, learned a traditional dance and decorated a plate in the traditional style.

Throughout the half term we worked hard on our homework projects and on the last day we held a museum day. We showed the rest of the class the projects that we had done and we had a chance to visit the other class museums too.

Autumn 2 – Inventions

This half term our topic is inventions.

In science this half term we have been testing materials to find the strongest and the most absorbent. We used our findings to find out which was the best nappy!

We decided that the best nappy was the one that soaked up the most liquid so we did some scientific testing. Then, groups of children shared their results with the rest of the class.

World Book Day 2022

We dressed up as our favourite books characters (or came to school in our pajamas) and did lots of fun book-related activities. We brought our favourite books in from home and shared them with children from other classes.