Year 3

Stone Age to Iron Age We have been using investigative and immersive techniques to explore the life and challenges faced by prehistoric people in the Stone Age. We began by going on a trip to Holt Hall, where we had to light a fire Stone Age-style, then gut and cook a fish on wooden sticks we had foraged from the forest. We also started to think about how life changed over the thousands of years of the Neolithic period as the Stone Age moved into the Bronze and then Iron Ages. In addition, as part of our learning, we worked as a team to build a replica of Stonehenge (using pencils as rollers!). Finally we finished our topic with an ‘archaeological dig’ which unearthed a range of artefacts from the three different periods we had studied which our amateur historical then sorted using what they had learned.

Edible garden

As part of our exciting design and technology project, ‘Edible Garden’, Year 3 have been learning all about how to grow and then prepare plants which we can eat. We have been busy turning basil, garlic, pinenuts and other tasty ingredients into a delicious pesto. The children chopped, crushed, ground, pounded and stirred in order to create this classic Italian savoury dish, which was then served up with pasta. This included using many new skills and pieces of equipment and the results must have been tasty, there certainly wasn’t any left at the end of the day.