Year 4

In the Autumn Term, Year 4 visited a recreated Anglo-Saxon settlement at West Stow and the children were able to explore what life might have been like as an Anglo-Saxon. They then made artefacts as homework to put on an Anglo-Saxon Museum in school for Year 3 to visit.

Anglo-Saxon Museums To celebrate the completion of Year 4’s amazing Anglo-Saxon museum homework task, both Merlins and Skylarks invited a Year 3 class to visit their museums and to explore the variety of artefacts created as homework. Both classes found the experience valuable.

Year 4 Bikeability September 2019 Both Year 4 classes completed Level 1 of the Bikeability course in early September. The children showed good cycling skills as well as improving road sense.

As part of their learning about the human digestive system, Skylarks carried out a scientific investigation where they explored what the digestion of a banana sandwich would be like. It was messy but we were all intrigued by the different stages including the mouth, the stomach and the small and large intestine.