Year 4 highlights

Anglo-Saxon Museum

As part of their topic work, Year 4 curated their own museum to view the artefacts that they had made at home. They did a brilliant job.

Year 4 Science

We have been busy with a lot of investigations this term in our Human Digestion topic for Science. Our favourite was using eggs to explore how different liquids can decay our teeth. Most children predicted that Cola would make the biggest change but our results were very different!

A Trip to the Theatre Royal

Year 4 went to see ‘Dragons and Mythical Beasts’ at the Theatre Royal. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and got some great ideas for writing our non-fiction texts about dragons, some of us even got to go up on stage!

How Hill July 2022 Skylarks

The residential visit to How Hill is one of the highlights for Cringleford Primary School children. Set beside the Norfolk Broads and the River Ant, Year 4 have the opportunity to explore these wonderful habitats. Activities include a boat trip, watercolour sketching, orienteering, thatching dyke dipping and weaving.

Merlin’s How Hill Residential July 2022