Year 5

Year 5 kicked off their Wonderful Water topic with a visit from Anglian Water. The children learnt about both clean and waste water (sewage) with an incredible 1.2 billion litres of water being cleaned every day within our region. The children undertook a series of activities learning all about the need to use water wisely and look after this precious resource. Also, the children created their own waste water adding various household items to create a fairly revolting concoction. This highlighted why we need to think carefully about what we put down our sink. We are looking forward to learning more about this topic throughout the term.


In English we have been writing and publishing stories set on the imaginary planet of Pandora. We then shared our stories with year 3.  They loved hearing our exciting tales which will hopefully inspire them to write some of their own.













Space Explorers

The first half term has been a blast in Year 5, learning all about Space. The children have embraced the topic and have learnt all about our moon and solar system. They have shown great creativity and resourcefulness to explore this topic. Working in groups they used toilet paper to understand the relative distance of the planets from the sun, with one sheet representing an incredible 57,910,000 km. They also used play dough to create the planets and understand their respective sizes (making our Earth seem very small in comparison to the giants of Jupiter and Saturn). Lots of work has been done on the successful Apollo 11 mission and learning how one small step had such significance for mankind.

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