Year 5 highlights

Summer 2021

Coastal Explorers Trip

Last week Kestrels and Hawks were lucky to go on their first school trip for a while!  They went to South Beach, Lowestoft as part of their Turning the Tide Topic.  They had the opportunity to identify coastal features, practise their map reading skills, create some beach art and also go beachcombing.  Everyone had a lovely day and the children were very excited to extend their learning outside the classroom. 

Ocean Animals

In science, we have been learning about the life cycles of different ocean animals. We have also been sketching them as part of our research into our DT project to make a 3d animal sculpture using mod-roc. We are all very proud of our sketches and are looking forward to using them for our sculpture design.

We have been learning about the physical features of coasts and how they are formed. We created clay models to show them and used OS maps to locate them around the UK coastline.

Ahoy there, me hearties! Year 5 sailed their way into their new topic Turning the Tide by becoming pirates for the day. They learned how to speak like a pirate, how to find treasure using co-ordinates, became experts about some famous historical pirates and even created some very creative 3d treasure maps.  The perfect start to engage the children in their new topic!

Autumn 2020

On the 9th & 10th December, Year 5 took part in SPACE CAMP to see if they have what it takes to be a Young Astronaut! Throughout the two days, they took part in a range of activities to test various skills and characteristics, ranging from dexterity to memory and physical skills.

Among other things, they had to design a landing vehicle for an “Eggnaut” which was returning from Mars, take part in rigorous physical challenges and design and test their own stomp rockets.

Everyone proved they were resilient, creative and had great problem solving and team work skills!

Year 5 have blasted into the new term, embracing their Space Explorer topic. The children have been learning all about the famous Apollo 11 mission together with information about our solar system. The children even managed to order the planets using a toilet roll (with a single sheet representing an amazing 58,000,000 km!)

We look forward to learning even more about Space. We will be doing some creative writing about a distant planet and we will also find out who demonstrates the skills and qualities to be a successful astronaut. Do you have what it takes?