Year 6 highlights

Summer 20/21

We started our last half-term by giving something back to the community. We kicked started our ‘Love Our Planet’ week with a litter pick. Initially, we were pleased with how tidy Cringleford was, but we soon realised there were some places with had a worrying amount of litter. However, after all our hard work, our local area is much cleaner. Great job, year 6!


In Science this half term we have been learning all about what happens when you add more than one component into an electrical circuit. We discovered that if you have more than one component, such as two bulbs or a bulb and a buzzer, the cell (power source) has to share its power between the components. Sometimes, there was just not enough power to go round so we experimented by adding more cells and, hey presto, the components sounded louder and shone brighter!

We have also been learning how to draw accurate circuit diagrams using the correct scientific symbols. Throughout this unit, we have used the book ‘Burglar Bill’ as a stimulus; we created streetlight systems, invented milk bottle theft deterrents and, in the final weeks we designed, made and tested out own burglar alarms.

Autumn 2 – Design and Technology and ending our WWII topic.

Falcons’ sing-along:

We also finished our WWII and Holocausts topic. We finished by learning about what it is like in a modern army and how different it would be compared to soldiers serving in WWII. This was lead by Mr Ryder who put on an excellent talk!

Don’t panic!

Autumn 2 – Evacuation Day

Year 6 started this half-term with a bang! They were quickly evacuated to the countryside after Norwich was deemed unsafe with those on-going pesky bombing raids. Nonetheless, we kept calm and carried on. The day involved taking part in drills to ready them for whatever they may face, learning to live with the new ration restrictions put in place, and building their own air-raid shelters – just in case. Great fun was had by all!

Inspection Time!
No waste! There’s a war going on, you know!
The Chaps hard at work.
We think everyone inside survived.

Autumn 1 – WW2

Year 6 have travelled back in time to learn all about WWII. We started with our fabulous ‘Play in a Day’ (still available to watch on our home learning blog). Since then, the children have learned all about the Blitz and the horrid time people living in cities had to endure. We have learned about the mixed experiences of evacuees and watched the movie ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’. We learned about the incredible odds the RAF went up against in ‘The Battle of Britain’ and wrote a letter home as a spitfire ace. Finally, we followed the adventures of Olive and Clive in our class story ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’. We have loved learning about this important historical event and have loved hearing the personal family stories the children have shared.

Taking over during a German bombing raid!
Our artwork re-creating what London might have looked like during the Blitz
The final letter from a lost Spitfire ace.